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Clarendon Vermont Taxes

Clarendon Taxes

Board of Listers:
 George Ambrose, Art Menard,  Bob Underhill
 (802) 775-1536 ext.1

 Heidi Congdon
 (802) 775-1536 ext.2

Delinquent Tax Collector:
 Tammy Hogenauer
(802) 775-1536 ext.3

 REAPPRAISAL NOTIFICATION The Town of Clarendon, Vermont has contracted with New England Municipal Resource Center (NEMRC) to complete a reappraisal of all property in Clarendon for the 2019 Grand List. Appraisers for NEMRC will be completing exterior and interior inspections. Each appraiser will have identification. If there is no one home at the time of inspection we will complete the exterior inspection and leave a blue card indicating we were there. For questions or concerns please call the Clarendon Lister's Office at 802-775-1536. Thank you, Clarendon Listers

FY 18 Tax Rate


Declare Your Homestead

It's easy to remember. 

File annually by April 15th!

Filing is easy online here or call 1-866-828-2865

You need to declare if:

  • You are domiciled in Vermont
  • You own and occupy your property as your primary residence as of April 1st

You can download the flyer here or view the Homestead Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) here.